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A lot of designers want to test-drive a new business tool before committing to it. We don’t blame you. That’s why we gladly offer all our clients a free, 30-day trial of Your Design Portal (YDP), no strings or credit card numbers attached. Just sign up and get going.

We’ll be in touch towards the end of that free trial to see if you want to continue using YDP. If you do, that’s when you opt in and provide your credit card information. Then YDP starts billing you $49 at the start of each month, which is about the equivalent of one, half-hour of billable time. And if you ever want to cancel your YDP subscription, just do so before the start of the next month. No long-term commitment required.

And if you don’t want to continue using YDP at the end of your free trial, then just stop using it. Your subscription will automatically terminate at the end of that period. No need to “opt out” or cancel anything.

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