Your Design Portal grew from the collaboration of a former operations guy for an interior design firm and a web developer friend of his who worked with interior designers.

Both of these guys are deeply passionate (some might say obsessed) about things working better, and they felt that there had to be a smoother, more seamless and cohesive way for designers, clients and trades to talk to each other and collaborate. Working with interior designers, they saw a lot of their time being wasted wondering who on the team knew what, searching for misfiled client emails or lost texts with trades, or redoing things because some communication or project detail slipped through the cracks. And, well, it just drove them crazy.

So, they decided to do something to fix the situation and enable designers to focus more of their time and energy on designing and servicing clients, versus searching for stuff or playing catchup. They built Your Design Portal, test drove it with some interior designers, made some tweaks, tested and refined it some more. Until eventually, they got it to a state that was ready to share with the world and, in doing so, free designers up to make that world a more functional and beautiful place.